What benefit do I get if I book a "Concept Development" session? + -

We can help you define the problems that you’re facing in your current space and work around them by giving solutions that fit both your functional and aesthetic requirements. We plan around the budgetary and spatial constraints to create a high-level concept of what will work for your project.

Will a "Concept Development" session be enough for me? + -

If your interior design requirements are limited to minor/decorative changes, we recommend you go for the Concept Development option. For smaller and/or decoration only projects, detailed design planning is not necessary, and the mood board provided is sufficient for setting the design direction for the client.

What if I’m confused as to which "Design Package" I should go for? + -

Our clients should feel free to contact us regarding their queries. They can do this either through email, telephone, or WhatsApp. We encourage clients to share photos/videos of the space at the earliest to allow us to build context. We can then guide them as to which design package would be appropriate for them.

What if I need to go for multiple "Design Packages" for different spaces? + -

We give our clients full liberty in picking and choosing what kind of design packages they want for their spaces. For example, you can choose the Detailed Design package for your kitchen while choosing a basic Concept Development package for your bedroom.

How does "Material Selection/Market Surveying" work on an "E-Design" platforms? + -
Working in the design industry, we are familiar with a lot of the materials used and the product range available in the market. For example, if we have included concrete grey tiles for your master bedroom, we can recommend vendors near you that can deliver this product on-spec. We include these selections in our FF&E schedules (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) which are an added option in the Detailed Design package.
What if I want to source my own products? + -
Our clients obviously are at full liberty to choose their own materials from vendors that they’re comfortable with. However, we do urge them to follow our design/specification guidelines. For example, if your design recommends you choose a 2 x 4 ft marble imitation tile for your living space, it is important that the product purchased matches what the design recommends. A substandard/off-spec product can undermine the design’s form and function.
What is the benefit of adding "Design Management" to my project? + -

Design management helps ensure that contractors and/or tradesmen follow the design concept thoroughly. Speaking from experience, the finer detailing decisions during construction need to be handled by a professional. This is an added service that gives you a designer on board during the implementation process ensuring that the design concept is practically realized.

Who will help me implement the "Design Concept"? + -

We have 5+ Years in the Interior Design industry and we can recommend contractors to our Pakistani clients only. We have a set of third-party contractors and subcontractors that we work with on independent projects. These parties have worked with us before and understand our creative requirements. We connect our clients with these vendors, but the commercial terms are between the client and them directly.

What if I need to get "Interior Decoration" done? + -

We cater to all types of clients and usually recommend the Concept Development package for any decor-related work. In our experience, the interior decoration does not involve any heavy design work and clients are able to get the most out of an individual consultation rather than a full design package.

What if I need a custom quote? + -

We are always happy to cater to any custom quotes that might need to be made. You can contact us via email or phone to request a custom quotation. Kindly ensure that you state your requirements before requesting an initial quote.


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